New lambs

After 40+ years, I bought the property for Laughing Collie Farm in June of 2014. Yes, it’s been my dream that long! In 2015, the farm was started with British Soay sheep and a Jacob/Icelandic ram lamb, two Livestock Guardian Dogs (puppy brothers), and two Rough Collie brothers (think Lassie) plus a barn and two fences. Laughing Collie Land is 10.57 acres in Southwestern Oregon on little Gross Mountain. The land is at 1,200 feet above sea level with a beautiful view of the south mountains in the Umpqua River Basin.

The farm and homestead are off-grid with only solar lanterns, two tiny solar panels, candles, oil lanterns, outside solar lights,  and a head lamp. When the internet is needed, I drive into town. The only two things that were on the property when it was bought was a driveway and a dry well. There is a 1,000 gallon water storage tank connected to the barn for rainwater catchment. There are three 2,500-gallon water tanks yet to be connected to the gutters of the barn and cabin. Water has to be carried up to the cabin currently. The gardens are located in the barnyard where the future poultry will help with the gardening and composting. The barn straw and hay will be composted in the garden. Everything is being built from nothing!

I earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Fibers and a Masters in Fine Arts in Studio at Northern Illinois University. My first experience with spinning was when I built my own wheel out of a spinning head and a very old treadle sewing machine when I was first in college at Southern Illinois University. I love to use natural dyes when dyeing wool and collect dye stuff from my environment.

I’ve been gardening since I was 8 years old when my mom taught me to save flower seed. I still save seed and garden a variety of different open-pollinated and heirloom plants. I love to experiment and learn things from doing it. I’m now planning a selection/breeding project for the farm.

I sell veggie starts, veggies, flowers, herbs, hand-knitted hats, and other knitted items at farmer’s market. Now I am selling fleece, roving, and batts there also. I am selling wool at fiber festivals in the Pacific Northwest. My hope is that you will love my products and support my effects of self-sufficiency! There are so many trials and errors which I expected. I love this life! The blog will inform you of the past, present and future goings on here. Please, join me and sign up for email notifications of the blog posts.